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Iman says she’ll ‘never remarry’ after David Bowie’s death

Posted on October 28, 2017
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Iman, the wife of late musical icon David Bowie, has opened up about her husband’s death, explaining that she never plans to remarry.

When David Bowie passed away in 2016, the music world was understandably shocked. In the months and years following his death, fans and fellow musicians shared stories and tributes to the musical icon, explaining how much he meant to them.

However, while many fans have focused on the legacy that David Bowie left behind, few have spared a thought for his family, and the grief that they have experienced through their loss.

Speaking to fashion site Net-A-Porter, David Bowie’s wife of 24 years, Iman, revealed that she finds it difficult getting used to people sharing their condolences.

“People take pictures of me in the street, and say [touching my arm]: ‘I am so sorry for your loss’,” she explains. “I’m like, don’t touch me. You just took pictures of me, how can you be sorry?”

“I get the fans’ grief, but it’s not the same. They have lost someone they look up to; we have lost a husband and a father.”

“And sometimes, I don’t want people to know how sad I am,” Iman continued. “People say to me, ‘Oh, you’re so strong.’ I’m not strong – I am just trying to keep it together.”

The 63-year-old fashion icon also discussed the prospect of future relationships. “I will never remarry,” Iman stated. “I mentioned my husband the other day with someone, and they said to me: ‘You mean your late husband?’ I said, no, he is always going to be my husband.”

“I do feel very lonely. But do I want a relationship? I can’t say never, but no, not now.”

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